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Cosplay Contests

The Hero Con Cosplay Contest Rules

Come show off your cosplay creations at The Hero Con’s first ever cosplay contest! The contest is open to all ages and skill sets, no previous experience required. Original character creations and known character creations are welcome. Only one entry per contestant. Sign-up will take place Saturday at Steampunk Alyss’ cosplay table with check starting 30 minutes before the start of the contest. The contest will follow a typical walk-on cosplay contest format. The contestant will walk on stage, pose for the judges on the designated spot located on the stage for 30-60 seconds, then exit the stage, and stay in the area for the following award ceremony.

Guest Cosplay Judges will be: Amelia From Under the Hill, Crishmarie Cosplay, and Steampunk Alyss

The cosplay host and The Hero Con staff have final say on all rules pertaining to the cosplay contest. Failure to adhere to the established rules will result in disqualification from the contest.

Contest Rules:

  • All entrants must be registered attendees of The Hero Con.
  • All cosplays must adhere to The Hero Con policies: i.e. no real weapons, no real steel items, not previously functioning weapons of any sort even if they are no longer functional, and no indecent exposure. This is a family event, any cosplay that is not considered PG-13 will not be allowed to compete.
  • The only individuals allowed on the contest stage are those who are competing, unless it is an extremely young competitor accompanied by their parent or guardian.
  • Un-sportsman like conduct will be not tolerated! This is meant to be a fun event that we hope will be reoccurring, rude comments, bullying, hate speech, etc. will NOT be allowed.
  • Last but not least the biggest rule is to HAVE FUN! ☺


For any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the cosplay contest please email with the email subject as “The Hero Con Cosplay Contest”. We look forward to seeing you there!